North Wales has it all. With mountains, lakes and rivers set alongside miles of spectacular coastline, Snowdonia and the North Wales coast has been a go-to place for those seeking outdoor adventures for hundreds of years. Now, in 2015 the unmistakable landscape of Snowdonia boasts even more features as it seeks to cement its position as the UK’s adventure capital.

The latest incredible attraction is Surf Snowdonia, the first ever inland wave lagoon open to the public. At 330m long and 110m wide, this lozenge shaped lagoon will have the longest man made waves on the planet. Using WaveGarden technology, the lake rolls out perfectly formed waves at a rate of (up to) one every minute, at the push of a button.

Although it is a very different experience to surfing the waves as they crash on to your favourite beach, it is still just as exhilarating. The gentle mechanical whirr of the wave generator is fitting given the industrial history of the site – previously an aluminium works. The lagoon is set against the beautiful scenery of the Conwy Valley, and is suitable for anyone, ranging from those with no experience, right up to world-class professional level surfers.

This is a great place to practice surfing before heading off to try your newly refined skills out on the surf of a west coast Anglesey beach – which will certainly be a lot more unpredictable! Based in Dolgarrog, Surf Snowdonia also has an indoor activity play centre for younger visitors, where parents can grab a coffee and take some time out while the little ones run wild. The glass fronted surfside café bar looks out over the lagoon, and provides a perfect space to watch in awe of the more skilled surfers balancing perfectly on the crest of a wave.

What it costs:

A 2 hour surf lesson will cost £39 (1 hour theory, 1 hour on the lagoon). Free surfing costs from £19 for an hour. For more info visit the Surf Snowdonia website.


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    Beatty Family

    20th October 2018

    Thank you for ensuring that the Beatty family reunion went so seamlessly. You were never less than friendly and patient despite all our demands. It was a special weekend for us and our stay in your hotel made it a success. Kind regards from the Beattys.


    26th November 2018

    Spacious, clean, comfortable, warm bedroom. Lovely big comfortable clean bed. All staff pleasant & helpful. Lovely bathroom! No complaints at all!